Friday, April 13, 2018

Get Your Affairs Sorted Sooner And Not Later

Get Your Affairs Sorted Sooner And Not Later

Get Your Affairs Sorted Sooner And Not Later

Death is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about, but it is inevitable. It is therefore vitally important to get life insurance. 

When your insurance is sorted out you are left with a certain sense of surety that your family will be looked after once you are gone.

Life insurance is not difficult to obtain and it is offered by various financial institutions offering various packages and catering to numerous budget brackets. You only need to shop around to find the insurance policy best suited to your needs or offering you the best package according to your requirements. 

Insurance institutions are thorough when approving life insurance and in most cases it would be required of you to undergo a medical to determine your present state of health. This is key in determining which policy would be better suited to you and will also predetermine more or less the monthly premiums you would have to pay.

With today's medical advancements you have the possibility to lead long fulfilling life, getting cover in the event of a death of a loved one, is usually far down the list of considerations when you are currently busy enjoying life. However, should you not consider life insurance, your family could potentially be faced with large sums of debt and absolutely no means of financial support. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to get life cover. That way you will know your family is well looked after and that they will never want for anything. With most policies offered by various institutions you are even able to pick the amount a policy could pay out to your family should something unforeseen or otherwise happen to you. With your premiums able to be adjusted to reflect the life insurance payout you can have your pick of a bouquet of coverage's. All in some way suitable for you.

You should never gamble with your life and getting life cover is just one more way to look after yourself and your family. Their future will be secure after you have gone and money troubles will be the last thing they grieve about. The last thing a mourning family needs is the stress of worrying how they will be able to pay for their expenses or mounting debt, but when you have life cover, your family will be able to mourn your loss in peace without added financial stress.

Obtaining life insurance really should be on your list of priorities, because none of us can foresee the future. You need to take care of yourself and your family today so that they may in turn live a prosperous life in future. Look through the various financial institutions who offer life insurance and work through the various packages they offer. Your family deserves to be loved and cared for. Taking out life insurance will help ensure that you can provide them with just that kind of stability and financial security.

Missing or Lost Life Insurance Policies

Missing or Lost Life Insurance Policies

Life Insurance Policies

Unfortunately it's not an uncommon story; someone pays the required premiums on a life insurance policy for years and neglects, or forgets, to give the policy, or any information about the policy, to the intended beneficiary. 

The insured person passes, the policy documents can't be found, if the beneficiary even knows about it, and the insurance money is never paid out. And those unpaid life insurance dollars run into the billions!

If you think that this is not happening, and you are the beneficiary on a loved one's life insurance policy, just ask yourself these few simple questions:

1. Do you know the details of the policy?
2. Do you know the whereabouts of the policy?
3. If something happened today, would you know where to find the details?

If you answered, "no," to any of these questions you've got big gaps in your knowledge which could lead to a real financial tragedy.
Further, if you even suspect that you may be a beneficiary, get the details now. Waiting until it's too late to talk about it can, in addition to the grief caused by the passing of a loved one, cause severe financial hardship. These subjects, we know, are difficult ones to talk about. But to avoid the difficulties of not knowing, THEY MUST BE TALKED ABOUT.

If, however, you have lost a loved one and are experiencing the difficulty of not knowing, there are some things that you can do. A few of them follow:

1. Go through your loved one's financial documents for insurance company dividends or premium notices. Many people keep all their important documents in one place; often in a home office, a bedroom closet, or a safe deposit box at their bank.

2. Scan through their current and past checkbooks. It may be that the last premium is paid is recorded there.

3. Check your loved one's cell phone contact lists and computer email addresses for the name of an insurance agent.

4. Get in touch with the current and/or previous employer who may have a record of a group policy. If your loved one was retired, group coverage may have been converted to individual coverage.

5. Monitor your loved one's snail mail for a year. Watch for any correspondence from an insurance company.

6. If your loved one's passing occurred some years ago, you can also check with unclaimed property office of any state where he/she may have lived. If an insurance company is aware of the passing of a policy holder but is unable to locate the beneficiary, after a period of time it has to turn the proceeds over to the state where policy was issued.

Finding a lost or misplaced life insurance policy can be a daunting task but there are ways... and your patience in searching could prove very rewarding. Also, there are services that will, for a fee, assist you in your search.  is one such service. Insurance companies are not only willing to give the beneficiary their rightful due, they are obligated to. But it is the responsibility of survivors to make the required notifications and claim any proceeds.