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Shopping for Visitor Health Insurance: 5 Tips to Remember

Shopping for Visitor Health Insurance: 5 Tips to Remember
Shopping for Visitor Health Insurance: 5 Tips to Remember

You're going on a vacation and you can't help but be excited about it. After all, it's been so long since you've taken a break from your taxing work. You haven't really had the luxury of time to relax or see new places. You've packed your bags and have everything all set. But wait, you must be forgetting one thing: the visitor health insurance!

Also called the visitor medical insurance, this type of policy provides financial protection against diseases and health problems experienced while traveling abroad. It covers all medical expenditure including doctor's fee, hospital stays, medications, therapy, emergency flight, and so on. Because you can never really know when an unfortunate event is about to strike, it would be smart to equip yourself with this type of policy to ensure that you're protected financially.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for visitor medical insurance.
• Contact your regular insurance agent/company. If you have existing policies on health, liability, and so on, you would want to ask your company if it offers visitor health insurance. It might be possible to extend your existing policy to cover medical expenditure abroad. This would cost you less than if you buy a new policy altogether. But just because you're getting coverage from your old insurer doesn't mean you don't have to study the policy anymore. Study it carefully to see if it covers all areas necessary. If not, check out other companies that may have better options for you.

• Shop around. If you decide to look around, be sure to do it extensively. Collect and compare several policies from different insurers. Take note not only of the prices and fees but also of the inclusions of the policy. It would be better to spend a little more on a coverage that takes care of more expenses than a cheaper one that wouldn't even pay for your hospital stays or medications.

• Consider getting insurance through your travel agent. If you have enlisted the help of a travel agency to take care of your vacation plans, then you might want to skip the shopping around and ask the agent for recommendations. Study these recommendations to see if anything suits you well. If none of these fit the bill, don't hesitate to check out other choices.

• Ask around. Aside from your travel agent, there are plenty other venues where you can get referrals. For one, you can participate in online discussion groups that talk about this topic. You'll be able to get feedback on policies and insurers that certain people have tried. It makes sense that you don't want to involve yourself with companies that are plagued with complaints and negative feedback. You can also talk about this matter to your friends, relative, co-workers, neighbors, and so on. Chances are, some of them would recommend travel insurer.

• Use online insurance comparison site. There are plenty of these types of websites that give this kind of service. You can use these services to compare coverage and costs effectively for free.

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