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Is Your Life Insurance Plan Still Right for You?

Is Your Life Insurance Plan Still Right for You?

Is Your Life Insurance Plan Still Right for You?

Ask anyone how they are these days and the most common response is "Busy!" Busy managing our family responsibilities. Busy keeping up with the demands of our career. Busy serving at church or our favorite charity. Busy caring for an ill friend or loved one. Busy planning for the next chapter in our lives. The busyness of life is proof positive of the constant state of change we all face on life's daily journey.

When was the last time you paused to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage and take inventory of everything that has changed in your life over the past five or ten years? If your life is anything like mine, you've undoubtedly faced two or three major events and a dozen or more significant twists and turns that delivered you to uncharted territory. This new place, be it a welcome joy or a season of challenge, may have been visited by previous travelers but it is unique to you.

Has your life plan kept pace with your life?

One of my favorite classes as a young Naval Flight Officer was Navigation. Our instructor boiled navigation down to four core concepts:
Know where you are

Define where you want to go

Chart the right course for your mission

Track your journey and make appropriate corrections to stay on course
Updating your life plan starts with knowing where you are right now, today, at this moment in time. You may have hoped for a different path or wished you could have avoided a storm or two. You may have originally charted an ideal course and known exactly where and when you intended to arrive. Knowing where you are today is always the first step.

Confirming your destination is always step two. From there you can update your path. Has your mission changed? Are you still on course? Are any corrections required?
Many of you may have previously purchased a life insurance policy as part of your life plan. Perhaps, on the other hand, you decided against a policy given your circumstances or the path you expected to follow. As we've discussed, our life's journey is constantly changing. Is your life insurance plan still right for you?
Financial planning teaches us "life insurance is a complex financial instrument which should periodically be reviewed to gauge actual policy performance against original expectations."
Common sense teaches us things change. We all must be good navigators on our life's journey. A life insurance review today can keep you on course or uncover new, better ways to achieve your goals.
A good insurance policy review will reveal answers to these essential questions:

Is your policy performing as expected?

Can you maintain the same coverage at a lower cost or even eliminate premiums?

Is there a policy that offers more coverage for the same premiums you are paying now?

Are there improved living benefits available to increase the value of your coverage and protect you and your loved ones in addition to a death benefit?

Is your coverage too much, too little or still right for you?
Don't allow your policy to falter or your loved ones to suffer because you did not review your life insurance plan with a trusted advisor.

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