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Here Is A Reason To Start Your Final Expense Pie Chart

Here Is A Reason To Start Your Final Expense Pie Chart

Here Is A Reason To Start Your Final Expense Pie Chart

I want to give you some interesting facts of life. We don't naturally want to think of death. But, it started the day we were born. Someday we all will have to move on to the next step in the natural order of things. People just need to accept it and prepare for the inevitable now!

We all have an expiration date. Just when, how and where it will happen only God knows that fact of life. No one plans to die, just like many celebrities, Sonny Bono, in a skiing accident, or John F. Kennedy, Jr., flying to a cousin's wedding. Just look in the obituary section of your newspaper for a week and see how many short-term illnesses are listed.

Before I got into the funeral and cemetery business I experienced two very different situations. I spent most of my childhood with my Grandma and Grandpa. A sweet little 5 foot woman who had to work most of her adult life, supporting her husband that had multiple strokes in just one month when he was in his early 50's. She first purchased, on time payments, two burial spaces for $50.00 each.

She paid $5.00 each month to pay them off. Then she did the same thing for the vaults. Then she purchased funeral services and paid them off. She did the same for the bronze companion memorial.
Why did she do those things? She loved her family so much that she didn't want to have us burdened with all the cost and worry.

She died the way most people would want to die. Her 100 year-old heart just slowed down to a stop while sleeping. She had done her job of being the best grandmother anyone could have asked for. She left a legacy!

My other life experience was with my mother. My father had died unexpectedly in 1990 working for the railroad. Luckily, at that time they had some money set aside to cover all of his funeral and cemetery expenses. She paid for her grave space, vault, opening and closing cost for herself as well.

However, it caused a financial strain on her afterwards, until she got back on her feet again. Twenty years later she didn't stay active and started using a cane and at times a walker.

I received a call one August evening at 10:30 from my mother's significant other crying and telling me he just came home and found my mother dead on the kitchen floor.
We were totally unprepared for her untimely death!

My sister and I had the burden of coming up with the $7,000.00 to pay for the funeral bill. While trying to make what seemed like a hundred different decisions within hours after our mother's death. It was extremely overwhelming on top of grieving over the loss of our mother.

Please pre-arrange not for yourself but for all the one's you love!!!

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